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Fenom Kimonos – Lotus Gi (White) Review

Finally I have a chance to sit down and write this all out!

With our recent training trip to NYC (more on that to come later), I’ve now had my Fenom Gi for approximately one month and have washed it countless number of times, and used it extensively. I’ve worn it for approximately 20 classes.

I won’t give specific measurements because each gi shrinks and changes shape as they’re washed and used. The following gi review is my personal opinion only and not endorsed by any individual or company.

For reference, I’m 5’4″, 136lbs and my measurements are: 34″, 28″, 36″ (Bust, Waist, Hips)

Fenom Kimonos – Fenom Lotus Gi – White (Size A1)

The Fenom Kimonos website is easy to navigate and I quickly found the standard white gi I was looking for. They advertise the following qualities regarding the Lotus gi.

  • Single Piece Crystal Weave Top
  • Rubberized Collar
  • Embroidery on Sleeves, Jacket and Pant Leg
  • 100% Cotton, Light-Weight Canvas Reinforced Pants with Drawstring
  • Stays Soft with Air Drying
  • Shrink to Fit
Now, I opted to purchase the A1 gi even though I tend to sit on the higher end of the suggested size scale for this gi. My lack of experience with sizing made me hesitant and I still e-mailed the website for further insight. Triin (the owner) from Fenom Kimonos contacted me in a prompt manner and suggested that the A1 gi would be a good fit. I took her suggestion and ordered the gi that same day.
The gi took a little over 2 weeks to ship to Canada and there were no issues with shipment. It came packaged in a clear ziplock back with the gi top and pants folded neatly inside.
My first impression was that it was surprisingly soft to the touch. The gi top sports a Crystal weave which is a cross between a Gold and Single weave, which allows for durability and a lighter gauge thickness. In fact, once I unpacked my gi top, I immediately tried it on and there was no stiffness as there was with my other gi originally. The detail in the embroidery is unique and looks even more impressive in person. I’ve had quite a few compliments at the gym regarding the quality and look of my gi.
As for the gi pants, there seems to be quite a bit more room in the buttocks which is great for movement. The drawstrings for the pants doesn’t bunch awkwardly in the front when cinched down for the right fit. The drawstrings are stitched cotton strips rather than a string and needs to be tied tightly to avoid loosening. As the photo suggest, the length of the gi comes up right above my ankle and slightly higher when sitting. It’s the perfect length for me.
After multiple washes in cold water only and a dry cycle once in a standard commercial dryer there was minimal shrinkage and the gi still fit quite well. The gi has only been air dried after each subsequent wash after the first dry cycle.
I was looking for a summer gi for the upcoming hot summers in the city. However, while training in my Fenom Lotus gi, I don’t find any noticeable difference in the amount that I’ve been sweating. My legs occasionally stick to the inside of my pant legs as I’m rolling, but that’s expected as my gi becomes drenched in sweat. Otherwise, the gi allows for a full range of motion  and the collar is stiff enough while still being comfortable to wear. I like the subtle feminine quality of the branding and embroidery without it being too obvious on the mats. Overall I would give the gi a ranking of 8/10 for a combination of comfort, fit, design and durability.
The collection of photos are after one month of use.