A short excerpt about me:

In an ideal world, I sometimes envision myself like one of the Suicide Girls – but actually tough enough to fight in some underground version of Fight Club. In reality, I’m a 20-something year old living a pretty comfortable life in a career that I enjoy, but struggle with the hours. I’m a bit of a corporate slave, but have the benefit of improving the health of those around me.

I got started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when my friends who regularly grappled for fun kept kicking my ass. I had enough of losing and decided to do something about it. I started training at a BJJ school in January 2011 and I’m currently a white belt. I train 4-5 times/week about 90% gi classes. I’m hoping to compete eventually in the future.

I live in the amazing city of Toronto, Canada – where you can find almost any type of food in true authenticity! I love to eat, but prefer the hole-in-the-wall over the next top restaurant in the city. I love getting on public transit and glancing around and seeing the world represented in the small 10′ x 40′ box as it rumbles along the meager tracks we call a ‘subway.’ I love how we have four distinct seasons, each with their own breath-taking beauty and temperature range.

I’ve got the most amazing best friend in the world. Our best times are spent hanging out at the beach together in the summer and winter. We’ve had 6 amazing years together so far.. and I’m hoping for many more. She’s never spoken a word to me, but she doesn’t have to. Her presence curled up on the couch next to me says more than any conversation ever could. She also makes a great foot warmer when I’m at my desk blogging.

I’m blessed to have the best coach in the world – R. He’s a constant source of encouragement, support and ass-kicking. He pushes me everyday to improve mentally, physically and emotionally. Oh, and he’s also my boyfriend and he can kick your ass. 😉

I’ve got more interests than time to try to fulfill them all. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fulfills my passion for athleticism, working out, engineering, and anatomy.

I’m amazed.. every day by the human condition. It’s a wonderful life to be able to say: “I choose to live every day passionately.”


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