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Cutting weight, the girly way.

With 5 weeks and 8lbs to go, this will be the first time I’m going to experiment with ‘cutting weight.’

Now, first off most of you may think that this isn’t very much, but given that my measurements are currently 33-28-36, (bust, waist, hips) I don’t have very many areas to lose weight. Ever since I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu four months ago (January 2011), I’ve actually gained a few pounds and lost approximately an inch everywhere. Even though my measurements are smaller, it’s the last push to find myself in the under 130lbs weight category. I’m travelling to NYC for a grappling match, and even though there’s no official weigh-in, I’m pushing myself to see how well I can stick to a strict diet/training regiment and make weight.

There won’t be any aggressive measure like saunas, sweat suits or dehydration. I’m going to stick to just plain old good habits and the basic theory of eating less calories than you burn. It’s the sane and safe way of cutting weight.

In additional to training BJJ 6 times/week at the gym, I’m sticking to 3 cardio sessions per week. If I’m not training at home with R, I’m planning on heading to the pool to swim intervals. I’m cutting the alcohol completely out of my diet (except for on my actual birthday this month which I may or may not drink my face off.) and meal proportions/sizes are strictly regulated along with lots of green tea, fresh vegetables and lean protein.

May is going to be an important month when it comes to training. I’m almost hitting my half-year mark and it feels great to have found a rhythm of  going to the gym, eating healthy and feeling great! There’s likely going to be a few big changes coming up in the summer, so building my good habits ahead of time are going to serve me well when the patio/park/beach season hits. Summers in Toronto are always jam-packed with stuff to do!



Ugh, I almost dropped 2 lbs in the last 24 hours due to a quick onset of food poisoning. I threw up 3 times in 4 hours and once the nausea finally passed I think I was able to hold some water down. This was not how I was planning on making weight. I wouldn’t have traded the aggressive vomiting for those two measly pounds.


Feels like burning.

I’ve been fairly consistent with training the past few weeks and I’m now officially down to the last 6 weeks before heading to NYC. I’ve got 8lbs to lose to make 128lbs. (with a 2lb allowance with my gi on)

I still tend to favour guard attacks from one side, and it’s become fairly obvious as I’m nursing repetitive mat burn on both my left knee and left elbow. I’m hoping to pick up a pair of knee pads this weekend at UFC FanExpo being held here in Toronto. Speaking of which, it’s only 4 days away until UFC 129! I conceded and decided I’m going to watch the fight with R and his gym after we spend the day at FanExpo.

I’m noticing is that I only tend to get mat burn when I’m wearing my gi. I don’t seem to have a problem when it’s bare skin exposed to the mat or wearing a rash guard. Considering my gi is made of 100% cotton, I can’t imagine it’s abrasive enough to give rash burn. I’ll definitely have to test it against my new Fenom Lotus gi that’s hopefully going to be arriving sometime this week.

(I do want to document and share my journey online, but you’ll notice I don’t use real names, nor do I name competitions or the gym I train at. As much as I have only good things to say about the instructors and the school, it’s a matter of privacy. If you do read my blog and would like to comment, my only request is that you do keep the names/details away from the posts. Thanks!)